I write code
for the web.
Artem is a front-end developer strong in UI/UX and curious in business part
I'm a web developer based in Istanbul.
I specialize in finding technical solutions for business. Before starting my work with the code I focus on researching, prototyping and architecture so my clients remain satisfied.
I started with HTML and CSS in my school years, 5 years ago I switched to JavaScript and its most popular solutions: jQuery and React.js+Redux
I like to look up under hood and my curiosity led me to Python and SQL that I am free to use for different purposes: from building MVC to changing business logic
Soft Skills
Having a psychological and marketing education I understand that programming is just a tool. That's why feedback on me mostly talks about how reliable I am and how pleasant it is to work with me
Worked with
Secret employeer
I am very proud by the fact I was worked several times for one of leaders of IT industry. Unfortunately, as part of our cooperation, we signed a non-disclosure agreement, so I can't mention the company nor the specifics of the work
What my clients
say about me
Ksenia Koteneva
Talent Manager at Ogilvy Russia
Artem has participated multiple times in our company's projects for an IT client as a developer. We received the most positive feedback from the lead and the team: Artem is an excellent team player, he quickly picked up on the new workflow, and showed excellent results in working and interacting with the team. We look forward to working with him again!

Ogilvy неоднократно привлекала Артема на проекты к крупному IT клиенту в качестве девелопера. От лида и команды получили самые положительные отзывы: Артем отличный командный игрок, быстро освоился в новом для себя воркфлоу, и показал отличные результаты в работе и взаимодействии с командой. Надеемся сотрудничать с ним и дальше!
Sergey Kultyshev
Director of Ecommerce at La Redoute
Артем зарекомендовал себя как отличный разработчик и хороший коммуникатор. Задачи исполнялись оперативно с четкой коммуникацией статусов и сроков, а также различных способов решения. Артем постоянно развивается и совершенствует свои навыки, что помогает решать задачи быстрее и эффективнее. Я рекомендую Артема как исполнителя на задачи любой сложности.
Youssef Oulamine
Technical Team Leader at La Redoute
I've been working with Artem for years at La Redoute and it has always been a pleasure. Strong technical knowledge with a keen understanding of the business stakes. A true asset within a digital team!
Roman Polkanov
Account Manager at Flocktory
С Артёмом работали в течение 1,5 лет на проекте Flocktory - Laredoute.ru. Артём курировал интеграцию облачно SAAS-платформы и все процессы, связанные с обменном данными между сайтом La Redoute и Flocktory.

Отмечу, что коммуникация с Артёмом всегда была:
- Быстрой;
- Эффективной;
- По-человечески приятной :)

Артём точно определял необходимые ресурсы для выполнения задач и всегда следовал обозначенному сроку завершения.

Также отдельно отмечу, что за 1.5 года мы не встретились ни с одной задачей, которую Артём назвал бы невыполнимой или сомнительной.
Boris Nikitashov
Frontend Developer at innoscripta GmbH
Artem was my supervisor during my work at La Redoute.

During the few months of our collaboration I had no reason to doubt his professional qualities: he always knew perfectly well what was going on with the project and answered any of my questions accurately and in a timely manner. If I had a problem, Artem was always willing to help with a solution.

Despite the fact that he supervised me organizationally rather than technically, I got the impression that Artem was constantly monitoring developments in technology and had his finger on the pulse. More than once he suggested to me new ways to improve my current work just from the technical side — thanks to this I learned a lot and grew as a developer.

The experience of working with Artem was pleasant and inspiring, and I would be happy to recommend this experience to others.
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